europol den haag

|  26-10-2023

Not always are we involved in beautiful new construction projects with facades or floors that we provide with natural stone. In this case, we are working on a renovation project in The Hague at Europol. Here, we have been commissioned by the Heijmans company to partially disassemble the natural stone cladding around a large pond and then reassemble it.

The reason for this is leakage problems from the pond into the underlying parking garage. In collaboration with the contractor, we have established a new detailing to reposition the natural stone.

Why a new detailing?
The pond’s bottom and the rising walls have been completely covered with an EPDM liner. This liner is now set higher on the walls. We have looked for a kind of detailing that allows us not to penetrate the liner with anchors to prevent potential leakage points.

In addition to adding new anchors, we have also had to supply and install panels in a honed and polished finish just like the existing ones. After all, during both the disassembly and assembly, some panels were damaged, which is simply unavoidable in such a job.

We are now in the process of completing the work. The Heijmans company is very pleased with our dedication, our contributions to the engineering process, and the ultimate end result.

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