Feringa Groningen

|  28-11-2022 
In week 42 we started work on a new project in beautiful Groningen. The Feringa Building is a new university building on the Zernike campus, where we have been commissioned to install wall and floor tiles.

We began installing the wall tiles in week 42. The walls in the hall on the ground floor and on the first floor of the building will be covered with the slate (strips 10 cm wide and 75 cm long, mounted vertically). The three stairwells will also be fitted with the slate wall cladding on all floors, and the four-level-high forward facing wall of the atrium will be partially clad. Approximately 1707 m2 of dark slate from India will be used here.


We will start installing the floor tiles late this year, in week 51. The floors will be made of Belgian bluestone with a sawn finish (tiles measuring 60×90 cm, 60×60 cm and 60×30 cm), covering a total of around 1794 m2. The floor tiles will be laid in the hall of the building, extending across its entire 223-metre width. This includes the building’s atrium, which will also get a floor of Belgian bluestone.


Flip through these snapshots of the work in progress, showing several sections of wall clad in the beautiful dark slate from India.

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