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We have designed a care kit for composite and natural stone (granite, marble, limestone & blue stone) that you can order here. The set consists of a cleaning product, a sponge and a folder with information about the care of a worktop and cost €22,50 (excl. €7,40 shipping costs).
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Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to install my countertop?

Each countertop is delivered with assembly instructions that describe the best method for lifting the countertop and include step-by-step directions as to how the countertop should be installed. The assembly instructions can also be downloaded here.

There are lime stains on my worktop. How can I remove them?

Lime can cause stubborn stains. This can happen especially in areas with relatively ‘hard water’. If there are lime stains on your worktop (for example, a ring from a wet glass that was left on the countertop), this can be removed by treating the stain with organic vinegar. (CAUTION: This does not apply to marble or blue stone worktops! Never use acid products on these.) Blot the stain with a kitchen towel and some organic vinegar and allow the vinegar some time to work. Then wipe the countertop down with clean water and, often, the stain will be gone. If the stain is particularly stubborn and does not disappear immediately, repeat the treatment.

Do you sell to individuals as well?

We do not deliver directly to individuals. All of the kitchen countertops that we sell are selected by kitchen specialists or architects and ordered by them. It is possible for you to view the countertop at our location, but only by appointment. It is also possible to have the countertop delivered to your home address.

What is thermal shock?

Thermal shock is damage that occurs due to a sudden major change in temperature of a worktop – for example, by placing a hot pan directly on the worktop. The high temperature of the hot pan on the worktop that is at room temperature causes tension in the worktop, which can result in cracks. Although certain kinds of material can withstand thermal shock better than the other, we advise never placing a hot pan directly on a worktop. Use trivets under hot pans.

Can I put a hot pan on my worktop?

Generally, the answer to this is: no, you cannot. A hot pan on the worktop may damage it. Rings may form on a composite worktop because the resin used in the material begins to melt. Natural stone may be exposed to thermal shock, resulting in damage. Ceramics, and Dekton in particular, are the most heat resistant but, if a hot pan is placed on the worktop, they too can be damaged due to high temperature differences. Our general advice is: do not put a hot pan on the worktop. Always use a trivet.

The cleaning product delivered with the worktop is all used up. Can I order this from you directly?

Yes, you can. We can deliver a new bottle of the desired cleaning product right to your door. Fill in the contact form above with a request for the desired product and you will receive a response.


Taking care of a stone countertop is important – especially a countertop that is used often or even daily. We have drawn up recommendations for the care of each type of stone, making it easy for you to find quickly what is good for your countertop and what is not, and the best way to care for it.