Grotius TOWERs, The HAGUE

|  22-04-2020

At the end of 2018, the Grotius consortium (J.P. van Eesteren & Besix) commissioned us to engineer, produce and install natural stone facade cladding for the Grotius Towers project in The Hague.

The project consists of two residential towers that are 100 and 120 meters high, respectively. The entire exterior facade was clad with approximately 13,000 m2 of natural stone. A total of seven different types of natural stone were applied.

Last year we did an extensive study and a sampling procedure together with MVRDV Architects and the developer Provast to ensure that the various types of natural stone go well together. This procedure was very satisfactory, and our factory is now in full production of the facades. The first deliveries have arrived in the Netherlands and all of the natural stone is expected to be delivered around the construction industry summer break. After the break, we will begin applying it to both towers of this beautiful project, making a distinct contribution to the skyline of The Hague.

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Contractor: Grotius consortium (J.P. van Eesteren & Besix)
Developer: Provast