railway station Hollands spoor den haag

|  27-12-2023 

As indicated in our previous news item, we are not only involved in new construction projects. In this news item, we focus on a renovation project in The Hague. On behalf of Dura Vermeer, we had the privilege of contributing to the accessibility of the platforms at Hollands Spoor in The Hague.

The reception hall underwent a transformation, including a new elevator structure and improved access to the various platforms. For Bakker Natuursteen, this involved making various additions to the existing natural stone in the reception hall. This required us to survey and measure to finalize orders for the wall additions. The wall finishing essentially consists of a construction of Rosa Porino panels (alternating with burned and polished finishes) and black granite borders.

The work has been completed, and Dura Vermeer is very pleased with our dedication and flexibility, which are essential on a construction site where train traffic and visitors should experience minimal disruption from the activities.

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