hyde park hoofddorp

|  29-04-2022 

We would like to tell you about another new project we have. The project, Hyde Park, consists of three apartment buildings in a large complex in Hoofddorp. We will explain per house/building what our task will be in this project.

House 1

This is the easiest part of the project in Hoofddorp but not the least important. We will be installing 45 m2 of natural stone facade plinth on House 1. This involves making plinth from Estremoz, a type of marble from Portugal with a bush-hammered finish. We hope to be able to hand House 1 over in September.

House 4

This is the largest of the set with 1992 m2 of natural stone for the facades. In July (week 27), we will start installing the Muschelkalk (shell-bearing limestone). The type of Muschelkalk that we will be using is 30 mm thick and has a sandblasted finish, giving it a relief of sorts.  We have scheduled 75 days for installing the 1992 m2 of natural stone, which means it will be handed over at the beginning of November.

House 6

This is not the house with the most square feet of natural stone but it is the most complicated with regard to the format of the stone. For House 6 we will be working with strips with 9 different heights and 3 different widths. We will be fastening the different shapes of the strips onto the facades in a random pattern. 

A pinkish natural stone will be used for this building: Rosa Travertin with a brushed finish. We will be installing the Rosa Travertin on 990 m2 of high-strength concrete. The installation will take 70 days, and we hope to be finished with this part of Hyde Park by the beginning of September.

We will be starting with the instalment of the natural stone on House 6 in two weeks and will keep you up to date on this huge and wonderful project via our social media. We provide a few beautiful visuals below to give you an idea of the end result. Each visual is labelled to indicate which house it is.

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