Hydepark hoofddorp

|  22-01-2024 

Last year, on behalf of De Vries en Verburg Bouw B.V., we carried out the supply and installation of natural stone at the Hydepark complex in Hoofddorp.

For several interconnected residential blocks, we had the privilege of providing and applying the facade finishes for three blocks:

  • House 1: Plinth cladding with Thassos Marble
  • House 4: Entire complex clad with Muschelkalk
  • House 6: Entire complex clad with pink (Rosa) travertine

House 6: In October 2022, we commenced the installation of Rosa Travertine for House 6. These narrow strips of varying width and length have a thickness of 30 mm. They were predominantly mounted on a wood frame inner masonry wall. Through the development of a custom stainless steel anchor with a double lip, fitting into the groove of the natural stone strips, we constructed the facade (over 20,000 anchors were produced and used).

House 4: In December 2022, we began work on House 4. Here, as mentioned, we applied a 30 mm thick Muschelkalk stone. With ceiling strips and reveals pre-assembled in the factory, the natural stone has a sandblasted finish, providing nuanced texture. Installation occurred on both wood frame inner masonry walls and concrete inner masonry walls, secured with traditional stainless steel support and wind anchors.

House 1: In June 2023, we executed the plinth bonding for House 1. The material used was white Thassos marble with a bush-hammered finish. The 20 mm thick panels were bonded to a dirty masonry substrate. The architect’s intention was to give the plinth, now impact-resistant, the same appearance as the upper part of the facade, which is insulated with an exterior insulation system and finished with a white plaster layer. We can confidently say that this goal was successfully achieved.

We completed the project in November of last year. The end result is a fantastic complex of multiple residential buildings with diverse and colorful finishes. Definitely worth seeing with your own eyes!

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