Kamerlingh Onneslaan Amsterdam

|  29-02-2024 

At the end of January, we started a new project in Amsterdam on Kamerlingh Onneslaan. This distinctive building is the former KPN telephone exchange. It is undergoing a considerable transformation.

On behalf of Contractor Van Braam-Minnesma, we are covering the additional floor, which clearly distinguishes itself from the original architectural style, with natural stone. Following several sampling sessions, a beautiful Portuguese granite with a grey/yellowish appearance was selected for the exterior cladding.

The natural stone panels all have a rough finish (bush-hammered). In addition to the exterior work, we are providing window sills for all the window frames inside, totaling approximately 320 meters. A Portuguese limestone with a pink/creamy color was chosen for this purpose. In total, we will install almost 700 square meters of panel and column cladding.

Hopefully, the weather will be in our favor so we can progress swiftly with our installation and finish the project by the end of April. The facade facing the street is almost completed. We can’t wait for the contractor to lower the scaffold, revealing the entire facade.

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