about us


Our vision can be summarized in the following core values:

  • The quality of the total product must be at the top end of the market. To that end, we work with materials and suppliers who are also at the top end of the market.
  • We care about our customers and are solution-oriented and service-oriented for each customer query (we never say something can’t be done).
  • We are flexible and think in solutions and challenges rather than problems.
  • Our products and services are priced competitively so that the customer really gets great value for their money. To achieve this, we pay close attention to costs and do our best to work as efficiently as possible.
  • We guarantee our quality and continuity by ensuring that our company is healthy financially.
  • We place great value on safe work by our employees for themselves and their surroundings. To that end, our employees are schooled regularly, and we invest in improving labor conditions.
  • As a company we see ourselves as part of our society and are mindful of people and the environment. With both the extraction and the production of our products, we take into consideration the best possible circumstances for humans and the environment.

    Our MISSION:

    By always giving our customers the greatest added value, we are a leading player in each area of the market in which we are active.


    Our core values are: a leading role, quality, flexibility, involvement, reliability and durability.