Overhoeks Block J

|  25-05-2021 

On Monday 17 May we started the construction of Building J in the Overhoeks project in Amsterdam. This is the fourth building in this project in which we have installed natural stone onto the facades. 

Commissioned by Dura Vermeer we will cover the entire façade with Italian Travertine. We purchased rough blocks and these were processed into facade panels at our factory in Pero Pinheiro (Portugal). In total it concerns 3300 m² of facade covering and 485 m² of floors. We expect to complete the work in September/October. 

The architect of this beautifully detailed apartment complex is De Zwarte Hond from Groningen. There are several visuals of this wonderful project below. We will keep you informed of our work on this project via Instagram.

If you want to know more, or are interested, please contact us!