|  30-09-2020

The Overhoeks Project in Amsterdam is well on its way! “The Row” building is almost done and, in week 45, we will start installing the natural stone on Block K (The Wing) for Bouwbedrijf Dura Vermeer Midden West.

We will be putting black/grey-veined marble cladding on more than 980 m2 of facade on this beautiful building. We purchased several blocks of natural stone in Turkey for this project and transported them to our production in Portugal. It is from these blocks that we will produce the facade panels.

In addition to supplying and installing facades for Block K of the Overhoeks, we will begin on yet another building in the Overhoeks project next year. With this last block, we will not only supply and install 3283 m2 of facade cladding but also install 491 m2 of Travertin on the floors. We will provide more information once we get started on this project.

Check out the visualizations of the future look of the Overhoeks Block K below! We have also added a photo of a block of natural stone to give you an idea of what the blocks look like when they come out of the quarry.

Architect of Block K: Powerhouse-Company Rotterdam

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