|  20-08-2020

The Little C project consists of 15 buildings that will contain about 330 private rental and owner-occupied housing residences. In addition, there will be about 7,000 m2 of workspaces and plenty of room for restaurants and cafés. The architecture was inspired by Greenwitch Village and will be given a New York look and feel.

We will be working on all 15 buildings and will be using natural stone with four different finishes. We will be installing approx. 2,462 m2 of facade panelling and will also be doing some custom work, such as sills, alternating stone bands and a number of name plates for the buildings.

In addition to facade cladding, some other small projects inside Little C have been added. The floor in front of the lift and the wainscoting in the entrance building are now also on our list.

– Basalt, bushhammered
– Granite, anthracite, coarse or bushhammered
– Granite, anthracite, flamed
– Granite, anthracite, untreated

Client:  TBI-ondernemingen ERA Contour and J.P. van Eesteren
Architect: jvantspijker & partners / CULD (Complex Urban Landscape Design)