|  05-20-2020

The new building has been coming along quite nicely in the past few weeks and we would love to keep you up to date on the progress!

The frame was put together in the past few weeks and, in just a few more weeks, the entire frame will be filled with the walls and roof. The way it looks now, the building should be completed mid-July.

Once it is completed, we will be busy with (re)designing the halls. The new hall will be used for the storage and presentation of slabs. The old hall has become too small for all storage and we would also like to generate more room for viewing the slabs. The ‘old’ hall will be used to make the countertops. Because the slabs will be stored in the new hall, will there be more working room and space for new machines?

Below are a few photos of what the new building has come to look like in the past few weeks.